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Remote Prayers

Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph | St. Teresa of Avila
856 Pacific Street
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Deacon Manuel Quintana

[email protected]

Remote Prayers 

Every morning at 7:15 am, the Remote Prayers St.T/St.J gathers via Zoom (audio only) for morning prayer.   

Using the Book of Christian Prayer or one of several phone apps, we start with the Invitatory and, continuing through the psalms, canticles and prayers of the day, we finish by talking among ourselves for a while.  The gathering ends by 8:00 am.  

We listen when others speak; when we speak, we begin by telling everyone something we’re thankful to the Lord about; and we always say what’s on our mind.  So we can check-in with each other during the day when we need someone to talk to or think someone else might, we have each other’s phone numbers.   

Building on St. Augustine, our motto is: We Do What We Can; We Do Our Best; and We Pray for The Rest.   

If you’d like to try it out or become one of the Remote Prayers St.T/St.J, call Deacon Manuel at 917-250-1921 or email him at [email protected]